What To Use To Package Essential Oils? Best Glass Essential Oil Bottles

Glass Essential Oil Bottles

Glass essential oil bottles are common in our daily lives. They are suitable for various cosmetics and we can easily find them. There are many health benefits of using essential oils. That is why it is a popular way to treat common health problems. Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to the ingredients and formulas of the products when choosing skin care products. In fact, in addition to the raw materials, the packaging is also very particular. Packaging is crucial for the safety and durability of essential oils.

Material For Packaging Essential Oils

What To Use To Package Essential Oils? Best Glass Essential Oil Bottles

The container for essential oils should be food-grade or medical-grade to prevent chemical reactions. However, in addition to glass, the packaging materials include PE, PET, PETG, metal inner film bottles, etc. However, not all plastic materials can be used for essential oil packaging. Because essential oils contain chemical molecules such as aldehydes, esters, and alcohols, these substances may react with plastics, or dissolve the toxic components of plastics to affect the quality and use of essential oils.

PET and PETG are both food-grade materials, and some can be used for essential oil bottles. PE is generally used for barreled raw materials, and PET and PETG are mostly small-capacity compound essential oil packaging. Aluminum cans are the most common metal inner membrane containers, which are often used for packaging single essential oils and aromatherapy essential oils.

Why Use Glass Packaging?

Essential oil is a pure concentrated liquid containing many active ingredients. Containers made of other materials are prone to chemical reactions with essential oils, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the essential oils. Glass essential oil bottles are safe and hygienic, non-toxic and harmless, have good corrosion resistance and acid resistance, and have special packaging advantages for essential oils.

1) Sealing

Essential oils are very volatile. If it is stored in plastic or containers made of other materials. It is easy to evaporate and leak, resulting in a decrease in the concentration of essential oils. Glass Essential Oil Bottles have good sealing performance and can effectively prevent various gases from oxidizing and corroding the objects in the bottle. At the same time, it can effectively prevent the volatile components of the objects inside from volatilizing, maintaining their concentration and effectiveness.

2) Safety And Health

Glass is lead-free and harmless, making it a safe choice for essential oils. In contrast, plastic materials may contain some chemicals that are released when in contact with essential oils for a long time, which negatively quality of the essential oils. Glass is a stable and non-toxic material that will not react chemically with essential oils, ensuring the purity and safety of essential oils.

3) Blocking Light

Dark Glass Essential Oil Bottles can also prevent the entry of light. Many essential oils are sensitive to light, and exposure to sunlight can cause their ingredients to change or degrade. Therefore, dark glass bottles (such as amber) can effectively block the light and protect the stability and active ingredients of essentials.

4) High-Temperature Resistance

What To Use To Package Essential Oils? Best Glass Essential Oil Bottles

Glass Essential Oil Bottles have good high-temperature resistance. When making essential oils, high-temperature processes such as distillation are usually required, and plastic containers may not withstand high-temperature environments. Glass bottles can withstand high-temperature treatment and remain stable during production and storage.

There are many benefits to using glass bottles for essential oils. It can maintain the purity and active ingredients of essential oils, and has good sealing and high temperature resistance. Glass is also a safe and stable choice. To maintain the purity and activity of essential oils, glass bottles are the best choice.

Capacity Of Glass Essential Oil Bottles

Common Glass Essential Oil Bottles have a capacity of 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, and 50ml. Different specifications such as 100ml can meet customers’ needs for capacities.

1ml, 2ml, 5ml, and other “mini” specifications are generally used for proofing single essential oils and aromatherapy essential oils and for professionals. 10ml glass bottles are often used for small-package sales and use of single essential oils, compound essential oils, and aromatherapy essential oils. 20ml and 30ml are often used for small-package sales and use of compound essential oils. 100ml was originally a specification for customer application, the specification sold by merchants to customers. It is common in compound essential oils and aromatherapy essential oils, and later it was also used for direct use In compound essential oils.

Appearance Of Glass Essential Oil Bottles

Although Glass Essential Oil Bottles are no longer limited to brown, green, and blue, since the glass manufacturing industry began to flourish, dark glass bottles have monopolized the small packaging market for essential oils. Some bottles made of transparent glass or frosted materials generally have small capacities. The glass is transparent and the texture of the contents is visible. This appearance conveys a sense of luxury to consumers. Their shading needs are often achieved through outer packaging or used up at one time.

Precautions For Placing Glass Essential Oil Bottles

1) Avoid Light

What To Use To Package Essential Oils? Best Glass Essential Oil Bottles

Essential oils are affected by the outside world, causing deterioration or oxidation. What they fear most is sunlight. Dark brown Glass Essential Oil Bottles with shading effects can protect essential oils from 90% of ultraviolet rays. These glass bottles are best placed in a light-proof environment.

2) Temperature

Temperature changes can cause the quality of essential oils to become unstable, and it is best to store them in an environment of 18-27 degrees. Usually, keep Glass Essential Oil Bottles away from some high-temperature places to prevent the essential oils from evaporating quickly. They cannot be stored in refrigerators, which will cause the essential oil components to be unstable.

3) Humidity

Avoid placing Glass Essential Oil Bottles in a humid environment. An environment full of moisture will cause the essential oils to react with it, causing it to evaporate, deteriorate, become turbid, and produce sticky substances.

4) Sealing

Volatile essential oils react very quickly with oxygen, so the bottle cap must be fastened and fastened immediately after use. In addition, it is recommended to pack the essential oil into small bottles to reduce the number of times it is opened, to avoid the deterioration of the essential oil due to contact with air.


Glass essential oil bottles have the advantages of being non-toxic, odorless, transparent, and beautiful, with good barrier properties, pressure resistance, and high-temperature resistance. Compared with plastic, paper, metal, and other packaging materials, it has relatively stable chemical properties and is the safest packaging material at this stage. Essential oil products have very high requirements for the performance stability of packaging, and glass materials can meet such requirements. Glass essential oil bottles perfectly achieve the problems required by high-concentration essential oils to prevent direct light, air, high temperature, and water ingress.

What To Use To Package Essential Oils? Best Glass Essential Oil Bottles

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