Taibo Glass offers empty glass beer bottles packaging in different sizes and colors, we have Metal Lids and Flip Tops to fit snugly on each glass bottle. Our popular wholesale beer bottles include 330Ml Glass Beer Bottles, 500Ml Swing Top Beer Bottles and 750Ml Glass Bottles With Screw Caps.

Our bulk empty glass beer bottles packaging are made from durable, high-quality glass. They have a solid structure and high heat and pressure resistance, making them ideal for use as beer containers. We offer wholesale empty brown glass beer bottles for sale, and can also customize glass bottles to meet your specific requirements.

Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

Flip Top Beer Bottles

Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

Glass beer bottles are made of thick glass. The mouth of the bottle is finely polished, round and smooth, and fits the bottle cap tightly. The bottom of the glass bottle adopts anti-slip shading to increase friction.

The flip top is made of 304 stainless steel and thick silicone gaskets, our flap lids are easy to remove for cleaning and reinstall for reuse.

Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

Our flip-top glass beer bottles wholesale are available in clear and brown. The flip caps come pre-attached to the glass beer bottles, so there’s no need to struggle to secure them and never lose them. The flip top also provides a super strong leak-proof seal, ensuring the contents inside are fresh and delicious. 

Reusable Swing Top Glass Beer Bottles are a great alternative to plastic bottles, they are great options for storing brewed beer, vinegar, oil, soda, kombucha, soft drinks, and more.

Crown Cap Glass Bottles Packging

Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

Crown cap glass bottles are often used to package beer. They have a good sealing effect and require a corkscrew to open.

Our glass wine bottles are airy and aesthetically pleasing. The round mouth of the glass bottle has been finely polished to fit the cap tightly with good airtightness. The thickened bottom of the bottle adopts anti-skid shading, which increases friction and is not easy to dump.

Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

Glass beer bottles with crown caps are resistant to damage, they won’t leak during shipping and also help prevent contamination. This makes glass bottles a better choice for transporting beer. These reusable glass wine bottles are versatile and can be used to store beer, iced tea, wine, or other beverages.

Why Choose Glass Bottles for Beer Packaging

Beer is generally obtained through fermentation, and usually requires pasteurization (high temperature treatment), which requires the packaging of beer to have a certain high temperature resistance.

Beer has a shelf life requirement, usually requiring a shelf life of about 120 days. This requires as little oxygen as possible to penetrate into the beer during the freshness period. In order to obtain a better taste, beer is often pressurized and sealed with a large amount of CO2 during the packaging process.

Glass beer bottles wholesale have long been a popular choice for brewers. Not only do they have a classic and sophisticated look, but they also have many advantages in preserving the taste and quality of the beer.

Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

Glass Beer Bottles Manufacturer

Taibo Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we offer favorable wholesale prices for glass beer bottle wholesale. We can customize glass bottles and caps according to customers’ needs, there are large-capacity glass bottles for beer lovers.

Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

Advantages of Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

  • Glass beer bottles packaging can preserve the flavor of beer. The glass is non-reactive, meaning it won’t interact with beer and change its flavor.
  • Glass beer bottles are well protected from light and oxygen damage. These bottles are usually amber or brown in color and help filter out harmful UV rays that can affect the flavor of the beer.
  • Swing Top and Screw Caps provide an airtight seal for glass wine bottles, which prevents oxygen from entering the bottle and causing oxidation, which can lead to odors and spoilage.
  • Glass beer bottles are extremely durable and reusable. Unlike other packaging materials, glass bottles can be reused many times without compromising the quality of the beer.


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