Taibo Glass offers glass beverage bottles wholesale in different shapes and sizes, we also provide post-processing to customize glass bottles. We have conical, round, square and maple leaf shaped juice bottles packaging to suit different style preferences. We provide caps of different materials for glass bottles, such as cork caps, metal caps, plastic caps, etc. Custom glass bottles to make drinks look extra special. Glass bottles have become the first choice for high-end juice beverage packaging.

As people’s individual needs continue to increase, the high-end beverage market has gradually entered the field of vision, and high-end beverages are personalized. The high-end beverage bottle market has a strong demand for glass bottles, and more attention is paid to the exquisiteness and temperament development of beverage bottle packaging. Unlike ordinary beverage bottles, high-end glass beverage bottles need to convey brand uniqueness.

Clear glass bottles and frosted glass bottles are commonly used in beverage packaging. Glass bottles can be used repeatedly, which can reduce packaging costs. They are great for storing water, milk, and juice. The glass material has good barrier properties, which can well prevent air from entering, and at the same time prevent volatile components from volatilizing, prolonging the shelf life of beverages.

Glass Beverage Bottles Wholesale

Clear Glass Milk Bottles Packaging

We can see the quality of the milk in the clear glass bottle at a glance. Fresh milk is poured into the clear bottle body, and shaken slightly. The pure white milk drops slowly slide down on the transparent bottle body, the rich texture is visible, and you feel extremely fresh.

Milk glass bottles wholesale come in a variety of sizes, from 100ml to 1L. Glass milk bottles have the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and cleaning resistance. They can be sterilized at high temperatures or stored at low temperatures. Glass milk bottles with lids are safe and hygienic, and have good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance. They are also suitable for packaging acidic substances (vegetable juice drinks).

Glass Beverage Bottles Wholesale

Glass Milk Bottles Advantages

1. The chemical properties of glass bottles are very stable.

When storing milk in glass bottles, the milk does not react chemically with the container, which ensures the stability of the milk ingredients. The high-quality nutrition of the milk in the glass bottle is better preserved, and the fresh taste is guaranteed to the greatest extent.

2. Glass bottles can maintain low temperature effects for a long time.

Pasteurized fresh milk needs to maintain a good low-temperature environment during transportation and storage, and glass bottles can just meet this demand. After glass milk bottles are refrigerated, the temperature changes at a slower rate than plastic bottles, cartons, etc. It can better provide a low-temperature storage environment for milk and better lock in nutrients.

3. Glass bottles have a high recycling rate and are environmentally friendly.

Although Tetra Pak cartons and plastics are lighter than glass bottles, they are not recycled for milk repackaging. Usually, old glass milk bottles can be reused after cleaning and disinfection.

Frosted Glass Beverage Bottles Wholesale

Frosted glass juice bottles can easily enhance the texture of beverages, and create a luxurious aesthetic that stained glass cannot. Frosted glass has low transmittance to ultraviolet light. Under light conditions, frosted glass beverage bottles can effectively protect the quality and stability of beverages.

There are also various styles of frosted glass beverage bottles wholesale. Due to the rough surface of the frosted glass bottle, the light is diffusely reflected, and the light is transparent but not see-through, which can make the light of the beverage bottle soft and not dazzling. The frosted material can increase the roughness of the contact area, increase the friction, and ensure the stability of the frosted glass bottle.

Glass Beverage Bottles Wholesale

Custom Glass Juice Bottles Packaging

Our glass juice bottles bulk range in size from 50ml to 500ml. In addition to clear and frosted glass beverage bottles, we have other custom color options. Our juice drink glass bottle cap options are diverse, with screw caps, pressure caps, T-stoppers, cork caps and more, which are ideal for commercial juice products.

We have professional designers who can produce 3D models according to customer needs. After mold opening and processing in the factory, glass juice bottles can be customized to meet packaging needs. We are able to turn our clients’ design ideas into reality. We also provide free samples for testing and approval before starting mass production of glass juice beverage bottles.



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