Taibo Glass offers empty glass liquor bottles wholesale in different shapes and sizes, we aim to provide clients with a one-stop service. We offer different caps for glass liquor bottles wholesale. Glass bottles are a common storage container for liquor and are widely used in wine bottles on the market. Our empty glass liquor bottles wholesale are suitable for packaging a variety of alcoholic beverages, including whiskey, vodka, sake, liquor, shochu, brandy, limoncello, etc.

 Glass has the advantages of high transparency, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning, so that the appearance and color of the wine can be displayed. Additionally, glass containers are less permeable to oxygen, which helps slow down the rate at which wine oxidizes.

Glass Liquor Bottles Wholesale Advantages

Most glass liquor bottles wholesale are colorless and transparent, and we can clearly observe the internal filling volume, the clarity of the wine, and whether there is precipitation. It is convenient for consumers to choose.

When glass wine bottles are used as packaging containers for alcoholic beverages, because of their chemical stability, there are no leached substances from the container materials. Compared with other containers, it greatly guarantees the safety of food, which is very important for glass bottles to be superior to other containers.

Glass Liquor Bottles Wholesale

Whether it is beer, liquor or wine, the glass bottle guarantees a complete airtight seal. Unlike most plastic and paper containers, glass containers are not ventilated, which not only prevents the volatilization of the wine in the bottle, but also prevents the influence of the outside air on the wine.

Wholesale glass liquor bottles are cheap and come in various styles. Because the glass wine bottle is formed after melting its raw materials, it can be designed into various shapes according to customer requirements, and its capacity and sealing form can be freely selected.

Glass Liquor Bottles Wholesale

Custom Glass Whiskey Bottles

In addition to packaging wine, wine bottles also come in more and more shapes, sizes, and colors. We offer various styles of high-end glass whiskey bottles with a transparent and clear appearance and high quality. Our glass spirits bottles include unique designs, such as Boston round, skull shape, flat shape and more.

Noble glass bottles can better highlight the quality and uniqueness of liquor. We also provide OEM and ODM customization services to make glass whiskey bottles more personalized. 

We can design 3D drawings of glass liquor bottles and lids according to customers’ ideas, and then design physical samples.

Glass Liquor Bottles Wholesale

Materials of Glass Liquor Bottles

Glass Liquor Bottles Wholesale

In the design of liquor glass bottles, the materials can be divided into four types from low to high: blue and white materials (plain white materials), high white materials, crystal white materials, and crystal materials. In addition, there is a relatively low-end glass material: dyeing material.

The higher the material of the glass liquor bottle, the closer the color is to colorless and transparent. Among these materials, high white material and crystal white material are most commonly used. Because of their good whiteness and high transparency, they can better display the color and clarity of liquor.

Customized Colors

We can also provide color coatings. We offer a range of options from clear glass alcohol bottles to amber and other color variants, ensuring we cater to your every need. Glass Bottle color coatings are generally divided into solid colors, transparent colors, and gradient colors, and screen printing is divided into high-temperature screen printing and low-temperature screen printing.

Caps for Glass Alcohol Bottles​

In addition to our glass wine bottle products, we also offer compatible caps and closures. Glass alcohol bottles can use various caps to close the product design, such as glass stoppers, T-shaped stoppers, cork stoppers, screw caps, etc. For added style, we can also add customers’ designs and labels to the bottle caps.

T-shaped stopper (Bar-Top Cork) is a cork stopper that combines two materials. A PVC “cap” is installed on the top of the cork, which is shaped like a “T” and can be easily opened without a bottle opener. Its main advantage is that it can be reused and is widely used for storing wine or spirits.

Glass Liquor Bottles Wholesale


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