Taibo Glass offers high-quality glass bottles for food packaging in a variety of styles, including glass oil bottles, glass beverage bottles, glass water bottles, and glass wine bottles. We can also do deep processing for glass bottles, such as frosting, silk screen printing, decals, electroplating, and color spraying.

Taibo Glass bottles come in various shapes. We can make glass beverage bottles for sale in various shapes suitable. We have caps made of various materials, such as metal caps, plastic caps, and wooden lids, and you can freely choose the sealing form of glass bottles.

As a traditional packaging material, glass bottles are environmentally friendly, low-cost, and reusable. It is non-toxic, tasteless, transparent and colorless, has good barrier properties, and has various advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and cleaning resistance.

Glass Bottles for Food Packaging
Glass Bottles for Food Packaging

Advantages of Glass Bottles for Food Packaging

Glass bottle for food packaging has a long history. Compared with other packaging, it is more safe, practical and reassuring. Glass bottle packaging plays an irreplaceable role in protecting food. The glass bottles can prevent food from being contaminated by external microorganisms or other substances, and reduce food oxidation and reactions.

Glass bottles are healthy and safe, have good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and are suitable for packaging acidic substances, such as vegetable juices, etc.

Glass Bottles for Food Packaging
Glass Bottles for Food Packaging

Custom Glass Bottles Wholesale

Taibo glass manufacturer offers custom glass bottles in different shapes, and adds various crafts to custom glass bottles to make them more beautiful. The commonly used processes include decal, frosting, color spraying, engraving, screen printing, electroplating, polishing and so on.

Glass bottles are transparent, which is one of their great advantages as packaging. Glass bottles can display the packaged products at a glance, stimulating customers’ desire to buy. For some food packaging, there is a need to avoid light, such as fruit juice and wine. We have frosted, blue, brown glass bottles and other dark glass bottles for food packaging, which can extend the shelf life of the product.

Decal Process

First print the pattern on the decal paper made of special materials, and then stick the decal paper with the pattern on the glass bottle. After drying, put it into an electric heating furnace to heat and then cool, and the pattern is printed on the glass surface. Its adhesion is very strong, and there are two kinds of baking flowers: high temperature and low temperature.

Glass Bottles for Food Packaging
Glass Bottles for Food Packaging

Frosting Process

Frosting is to take a glass bottle and soak it in a solution made of glass frosting powder. A hazy effect is created on the surface of the glass bottle. There are several types of frosting: full frosting, partial frosting, and hollow frosting.

Color Spraying Process

Use a spray gun to evenly spray the special glass paint on the surface of the glass bottle, and then dry it. Glass bottle spray color is divided into transparent color and solid color (glossy and matte) according to the color. According to the spraying part, it is divided into gradient spraying, full spraying, and spraying with several colors mixed and matched.

In addition to the several processes introduced above, common glass processes include electroplating, screen printing, etc.


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