Our glass mason jars with lids wholesale have various styles and capacities. You can choose and buy them according to your different needs. The commonly used sizes of mason jars are 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, 32oz, and 64oz. We also offer mason jars with lids and straws, and mason jars with handles. All of our mason jars are heat resistant and durable, making them perfect for storing a variety of beverages such as coffee, juice, smoothies, drinks, cocktails, granola, and more.

Glass Mason jars with lids wholesale have excellent sealing effects and convenience. The main material of Mason jars is thick soda-lime glass. Sealing metal lids are equipped with sealing rubber rings, mainly for better sealing to prevent food from spoiling, and for easy opening of vacuum-sealed lids.

Mason jars with lids are also a good choice as daily storage containers due to their excellent sealing effect. Mason jars can be used for more than just home canning, they can be used in a variety of creative ways. For example, personalized water glasses, portable salad bottles, flower pots, chandeliers, etc.

Glass Mason Jars With Lids Wholesale
Glass Mason Jars With Lids Wholesale

Why Are Mason Jars so Popular?

The Mason jar is a glass container with a long history that has been used for a wide range of purposes in preparing and preserving food. Glass mason jars can be made into different shapes and colors, and mason jars with creative patterns are very popular among consumers.

Due to the sealing properties of mason jars, they can effectively maintain the freshness and quality of food. Mason jars with lids can also play an important role in making pickles, preserves, preserves, yogurt, and more. These advantages make mason jars the preferred container for many people to prepare food at home.

In addition, the sealing properties of mason jars can maintain the freshness and taste of food and prevent food from spoiling. Mason jars also help people organize and store food more efficiently and avoid waste. Mason jars become a practical and environmentally friendly way to preserve food.

Glass Mason Jars With Lids Wholesale
Glass Mason Jars With Lids Wholesale
Glass Mason Jars With Lids Wholesale

Custom Mason Jars With Lids Wholesale

Taibo Glass is a professional custom glass storage jar manufacturer, we provide different lids for mason jars. We also offer mason jar glass lids with holes for drinking straws. As a leading spherical can company and can supplier in China, we accept bulk orders. We have rich and environmentally friendly post-processing technologies, such as frosting, spraying, silk screen printing, hot stamping, etc., which can customize unique appearances for glass jars.

Glass mason jars can be customized into a variety of shapes. Our glass mason jar shapes range from classic round to attractive square and unique polygonal designs. The mason jar color used has transparent, solid color, and gradient color design.


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