We have quartz glass tubes and borosilicate glass tubes in sizes 1mm-450mm, which are high temperature and corrosion resistant. They can be processed into various shapes and used for chemical tubes or storage containers.

Quartz Glass Tubes
Quartz Glass Tubes

Quartz tube is a special industrial technical glass made of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties. Its main component is silicon dioxide, but it may also contain trace elements such as lithium, aluminum, sodium, rubidium, etc.

The high borosilicate glass tube contains SiO2 (silicon oxide) > 78%, B2O3 (boron oxide) > 10%, and the content of silicon and boron is very high. Because the borosilicate glass tube is mixed with an appropriate amount of boron oxide, it has higher heat resistance, chemical stability and excellent transparency than ordinary glass. At the same time, borosilicate glass tubes also have high mechanical strength and hardness, and can withstand harsh conditions such as various chemical reagents and high temperature and pressure.

Our quartz glass tubes are mainly used for chemical reagent packaging containers, and borosilicate glass tubes are used for food storage jars and laboratory reagent bottles.

Quartz Glass Tubes
Quartz Glass Tubes

Quartz Glass Tube Features

Quartz glass tubes have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good chemical stability, good electrical insulation, high light transmittance, and high mechanical strength.

High Temperature Resistance

Quartz glass tubes have high heat resistance, a small thermal expansion coefficient, and can withstand extremely high temperatures. Quartz tubes are resistant to high temperatures (up to about 1250°C), have good thermal stability, and have a small thermal expansion coefficient. These properties allow the quartz tube to withstand severe temperature changes without cracking. Therefore, they are widely used in various industrial productions in high-temperature environments.

Quartz Glass Tubes
Quartz Glass Tubes

Good Chemical Stability

Except for hydrofluoric acid, it hardly reacts chemically with other acids and shows extremely high chemical stability, especially at high temperatures. Quartz glass tubes cannot easily react with chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and salts, so they are suitable for various chemical reaction devices.

Good Electrical Insulation

The quartz glass tube has good electrical insulation and is a high-quality insulating material. Its resistance value is very high and it has good insulation properties even at high temperatures.

High Light Transmittance

Quartz glass tubes have extremely high light transmittance and a wide transmission wavelength range (visible light transmittance is over 93%), and can be used to manufacture optical instruments, lamps and other optical components.

High Mechanical Strength

Quartz glass tubes have high mechanical strength and hardness and are not easily broken or mechanically damaged.

Quartz Glass Tubes Application

Quartz Glass Tubes

Quartz glass tubes are widely used in lighting, heating, scientific research, semiconductor industry, industrial production, and daily life.

1. Lighting field: Quartz tubes can be used to manufacture halogen lamps, mercury lamps, xenon lamps and other lamps. These lamps are usually used in lighting, stage lighting and other fields.

2. Heating field: Because quartz tubes have high temperature resistance, they can be used to manufacture various heaters, such as infrared heaters, ultraviolet heaters, etc.

3. Scientific research: In laboratories, quartz tubes are often used in tube furnaces, chemical reactors, quartz sample tubes, funnels, filling rods, combustion tubes and other equipment to conduct high-temperature experiments and chemical reactions.

4. Semiconductor industry: It can be used as a container for epitaxy, diffusion, oxidation and other links in the semiconductor production process.

5. Industrial production: Quartz tubes can also be used in ovens, drying equipment, etc. in industrial production, as well as in some situations where corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance are required.

6. Daily life: Quartz tubes are also used in some daily necessities, such as aquarium heaters, quartz tube foot warmers, etc.


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