How To Choose Best Glass Jam Jars: 5 Aspects

Glass Jam Jars

Nutritious, sweet, and sour jam can be spread on toast, with salad, mixed with yogurt, etc. It makes a bland meal taste good and can be used as a dip, for chips, biscuits, etc. Modern jam-making technology is mature,  the fresh fruit flavor is sealed in a small bottle, and the shelf life is getting longer and longer. You can easily open a small and medium-sized jam business. They facilitate corporate storage and daily use by consumers. Glass Jam Jars stand out in the market.

How To Choose Best Glass Jam Jars: 5 Aspects

Jam is the essence of refined and concentrated fruit. It is an ancient storage food that has accompanied humans since ancient times. It has a very long history. As early as the late Paleolithic period 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, traces of humans taking honey from honeycombs and boiling fruits were found in caves in Spain.

Modern jam products are diverse and easy to make. Speaking of jam, we have to talk about containers. If you want to make a good jam that everyone praises, it must be delicious and have a good storage method. Glass Jam Jars are a good choice. It can perfectly meet the storage requirements, with various styles and strong plasticity, and occupies a large share of the jam packaging market.

Storage Conditions Of Jam

Jam should be stored in a clean and sterile container to avoid contamination. Long-term storage also requires high sealing. Other storage conditions are as follows:

Fresh fruits have a high acid content, which will also corrode the container over a long time. Therefore, it is best to use a sealed glass container with a lid when storing jam, so that it is not easy to release harmful substances due to erosion of the container. The lid of the container must also be acid-resistant or have an anti-corrosion treatment on the inside.

How To Choose Best Glass Jam Jars: 5 Aspects

Whether the jam is filled at high or low temperatures, a strong, cold-resistant, and heat-resistant material is required. When consumers use it daily, it is often stored in the refrigerator. To avoid cracking or not being able to withstand the alternation of hot and cold, the material for storing jam requires higher requirements.

Choosing the right container and packaging material is the key to the wholesale and retail of jam brands. This choice not only affects the freshness and safety of the product but also plays an important role in the brand image. Choose the material of the container according to the storage conditions of the jam. Glass jam jars are the best choice. It not only meets the expectations of all companies for the sale of jam. It also plays a big role in customizing brand-specific packaging.

Glass Jam Jars Wholesale can get cost advantages at a preferential price, and enterprises can get more economic profits. Customized Glass Jam Jars better show the characteristics of the product and the image of the brand. Taibo is committed to providing high-quality packaging materials to enhance customer and consumer satisfaction. Choose us to get a long-term sincere partner.

Advantages Of Glass Jam Jars

1) Safe Sealing

Packaging is necessary to ensure the freshness and nutritional value of the jam. Sealing is essential to prevent the external environment from eroding the food. The non-porous Glass Jam Jars have strong sealing properties and better preserve the food. During the long storage time, its stable chemical properties will not react with the substances in the jam. Safe and healthy materials will not pose any risks to the jam and health.

2) Long-Term Storage

When considering the shelf life of the jam, Glass Jam Jars can be stored for a longer time in a suitable environment. Light, humidity, temperature, and other factors need to be controlled. It is trustworthy that Glass Jam Jars with good sealing can be stored for a long time. When consumers use it, the opened jars can still be stored for some time after being sealed with the lid. Its freshness and flavor can therefore be preserved for a long time.

3) Appearance

How To Choose Best Glass Jam Jars: 5 Aspects

Transparent Glass Jam Jars can better show the attractive color and state of the jam. The packaging of the product often makes a deep first impression. They are not only practical and functional, but also have an appearance that highlights the advantages of the product. Glass has strong plasticity and diverse appearance. After considering the positioning and development of the jam enterprise itself, design distinctive custom Glass Jam Jars. Get the most suitable appearance from the shape, size, logo design, sealing lid, label pattern, etc.

4) Economic 

Glass jars wholesale has a variety of styles and affordable prices. It has cost advantages and is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Even if a large number of products are provided for wholesale, we still guarantee the quality of each product. Provide you with considerable economic benefits.

5)environmental protection

These glass products can be recycled disinfected and put into use again, contributing to the cause of environmental protection. Discarded glass jam jars will not harm the soil environment and conform to consumers’ preference for environmental protection.

Empty Glass Jars Wholesale

How To Choose Best Glass Jam Jars: 5 Aspects

Taibo is a Glass jar manufacturer from Xuzhou, China, providing wholesale and customization of various glass containers. We have many years of manufacturing and sales experience to provide customers with high-quality products. According to customer needs, we customize glass containers suitable for all walks of life to ensure service quality. Jam is a must-have food on every family table, and the demand is large and stable. We consider all factors comprehensively, from wholesale to customization of glass jam jars, hoping to make the best jam packaging. Contact us for more product quotes.


Glass jars meet the product characteristics of jam and are suitable as storage containers. Both functionality and appearance can provide it with a powerful role. Sealed Glass Jam Jars can safely store jam for a long time. Recycling can reduce economic costs, and there will be no waste to pollute the environment.


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