Why Are Drugs Packaged In Tinted Glass Medicine Bottles?

Glass Medicine Bottles

People are no strangers to glass bottles. Easy-to-clean drinking bottles, healthy and environmentally friendly milk bottles, essential olive oil bottles for the home, various wine bottles, etc. But what about Glass Medicine Bottles? Is it made of the same material as the glass in our daily life? Drugs are special commodities, the packaging materials are in direct contact with the drugs. When the drugs are stored for a long time, the quality and safety of the drugs will also be affected. Therefore, the quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials plays a vital role in the safety and stability of drugs.

Why Are Drugs Packaged In Tinted Glass Medicine Bottles?

Glass Medicine Bottles Is Crucial

As an important component of pharmaceutical packaging materials, glass is often used to package injections, large infusion drugs, oral drugs, health care products, and other drugs. Drug safety is inseparable from pharmaceutical packaging materials that comply with drug safety, and pharmaceutical packaging glass is one of them. Glass Medicine Bottles has unique advantages, such as excellent chemical stability, heat resistance, sealing performance, easy sterilization, transparency easy to observe, and colored and easy to store, making this type of glass product widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Classification Of Glass Medicine Bottles

There are many types of Glass Medicine Bottles. They are made into various shapes according to the state and purpose of containing medicines. Because Glass Medicine Bottles will be in contact with drugs, glass raw materials with good physical and chemical properties such as acid and alkali resistance and thermal stability must be used during production. Depending on the light sensitivity requirements of the drug, it is often made into a transparent or brown bottle.

Advantages Of Glass Material

Why Are Drugs Packaged In Tinted Glass Medicine Bottles?

Pharmaceutical glass is one of the most commonly used pharmaceutical packaging materials. It has unparalleled properties with other materials. It has good chemical stability and transparency, and can stably store glass materials or products for pharmaceutical products. Glass Medicine Bottles have certain requirements for the thickness of the glass and the size of the glass bottle. Under this requirement, these glass medicine bottles are not easy to corrode when used and have strong fire and wear resistance.

Brown glass protects from light and extends the shelf life of medicines. For some special drugs, chemical reactions will occur when exposed to sunlight. causing many drugs to expire or putting people’s health at risk. Therefore, brown Glass Medicine Bottles packaging ensures the quality of medicines.

In addition, as long as it does not decompose when exposed to light or react with silica, it can be packaged in transparent glass bottles. One of the purposes of using a transparent glass bottle is that the user can observe the state and amount of the substance contained in the bottle before use. Therefore, you can observe the status of the medicine at all times, and avoid possible dangers.

Colored Glass Packaging Particularity

1) “The Hippopotamus’ Revelation”

Brown glass can absorb ultraviolet and short-wave visible light and protect photosensitive drugs. This discovery and application came from the inspiration of the “Hippopotamus”. Hippos living in strong ultraviolet environments at the equator secrete a brown-red “sweat” that oxidizes to red when exposed to air and then aggregates into a brown substance that contains red and orange pigments to form a barrier. , absorbing ultraviolet and short-wave visible light. Hippos rely on the natural “sunscreen” they secrete to survive in the harsh environment.

Why Are Drugs Packaged In Tinted Glass Medicine Bottles?

2) Light-Shielding Properties Of Colored Glass

To prevent the contents of the medicine from being affected by light, the property of the glass container to block the transmission of light sources of specific wavelengths is called the light-shielding property. According to the light-shielding properties, pharmaceutical glass containers are divided into colorless and colored types. Adding iron oxide-titanium oxide to the glass creates brown glass. Green glass can be produced by adding iron oxide-manganese oxide to glass. By adjusting the additive ratio, glass thickness, firing temperature, and other parameters, colored glass packaging materials of different colors can be produced according to specific shading requirements.

3) The Necessity Of Tinted Glass

Many pharmaceutical ingredients will undergo special chemical reactions under light conditions, thus affecting the quality of the medicine. For example vitamin C, riboflavin sodium phosphate injection, quinolones, etc. This puts forward requirements for light-shielding properties for pharmaceutical glass used to package such drugs. Colored glass has light-shielding properties, such as brown glass, etc. By tinting the glass to reduce light transmission, it is suitable for the packaging of these drugs that require light shielding.

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Why Are Drugs Packaged In Tinted Glass Medicine Bottles?

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Glass containers still occupy an important position in packaging materials, because of inseparable from their irreplaceable special properties. Medical packaging is closely related to drugs, and glass is internationally recognized as one of the best pharmaceutical packaging materials. These special drugs will undergo a chemical reaction once exposed to light. Tinted Glass Medicine Bottles are necessary to protect these “active” medications. They have excellent chemical stability, thermal stability, sealing performance, easy sterilization, and safe storage. Therefore, colored Glass Medicine Bottles are widely demanded and used to package medicines.


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