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Glass Bottles and Jars Packaging
750Ml Empty Dark Glass Wine Bottles
Glass Wine Bottles
Glass Beverage Bottles
Olive Oil Bottles
Whiskey Decanters For Sale
Glass Liquor Bottles
Glass And Stainless Steel Honey Dispenser
Glass Honey Jars
Glass Food Storage Jars with Stainless Steel Lids
Food Storage Jars

Why Choose Us​


We value your designs and preferences and will utilize our expertise to meet your requirements.

Automated Mass Production

We employ a range of technologies in our manufacturing and design processes, producing tens of thousands of pieces and processing bulk orders efficiently.

In-Time Delivery Service

We achieve a smooth delivery process with fast packing and thorough quality control.

Flexible and Negotiable Options

Whether it is a large or small batch order, we can handle it as well as a larger quantity order within the specified time frame.

Best Glass Bottles and Jars Wholesale

Best Glass Bottles and Jars Wholesale​

Taibo Glass Factory is located in Xuzhou City, we offer glass bottles and jars wholesale for food glass packaging. The main products include olive oil glass bottles, glass milk bottles, glass water bottles, glass juice bottles, glass wine bottles, glass beer bottles and glass honey jars…

Taibo Glass Factory introduces and learns advanced production equipment and experience, and actively expands production scale and product quantity while continuously improving the quality of glass products. Xuzhou Taibo Glass produces and processes glass products of various specifications. Glass food glass packaging bottles can also be further processed, such as frosting, embossing, spraying, cutting, drilling, etc. 

Glass Jar Bottles Manufacturer

At present, Taibo glass factory has a complete set of production equipment for welding, sealing, annealing, baking, etc., with a daily output of more than 300,000 pieces, which can guarantee the mass production of customers. The company has more than 200 employees, technicians, professional engineers, and management personnel.


Send your demand for glass jar bottles, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.