Find the Best Mini Glass Bottles for Liquor

Mini Glass Bottles for Liquor

Mini glass bottles for liquor can hold 50 ml of alcohol, which is approximately 1.7 ounces. 50ml Mini Glass Liquor Bottles are mostly used as sample promotions and have become special collections. We have a variety of styles of mini glass wine bottles that are clear, beautiful, durable and perfect for protecting alcohol from external contaminants.

Round Mini Glass Shot Bottles

Find the Best Mini Glass Bottles for Liquor

These round alcohol bottles are made of sturdy thick glass, they are perfect for liquids such as alcohol, spirits, whiskey, juices, sauce and more. These mini glass wine bottles feature screw-on aluminum caps that attach easily and securely to the bottle. This convenient mini size allows the glass wine bottle to be taken anywhere.

The round mini glass shot bottles come in a variety of styles, and their sturdy construction ensures these miniature bottles can withstand long-term use. The quality of these mini glass bottles is very good, the opening and neck on the bottle are narrow, and they can be sealed with T-caps and screw caps. They are easy to clean, reusable and suitable for various occasions.

Find the Best Mini Glass Bottles for Liquor

The clear glass liquor bottle has an anti-slip design on the bottom to prevent accidental slipping. The screw-on aluminum cap fits snugly around the mouth of the glass bottle to ensure an airtight seal. Whether these small glass containers with lids are on the go or kept in the pantry, there’s no need to worry about liquid leaks.

Find the Best Mini Glass Bottles for Liquor

Square Mini Glass Liquor Bottles

Square mini glass liquor bottles feature a heavy-duty base design that makes the bottle more sturdy. The classic glass bottle comes with a black screw-on aluminum cap that seals well. When the glass bottle is inverted, the liquid inside will not leak.

We offer cork stoppers, T-stoppers, and screw caps to pair with these heavy-duty glass bottles. Clear square mini glass bottles for liquor are a great choice for storing alcohol, perfect for whiskey, wine, lemonade, soda, vodka, and more. The flat glass surface provides enough space to attach labels and create a unique look.

Flat Mini Glass Alcohol Bottles

Find the Best Mini Glass Bottles for Liquor

These flat mini glass alcohol bottles with screw lids are easy to carry. The flat design allows them to be easily stored in your pocket without taking up much space. The screw cap effectively prevents liquids from spilling or leaking.

Flat glass bottles have unique shapes and good texture, and are favored by the alcohol packaging market. The material of the glass whiskey bottle is stable and has a good protective effect when stored in a sealed container for a long time. These empty glass bottles with lids are perfect for coffee, juice, wine, tea, water, milk and more.

Mini Glass Alcohol Skull Bottles

Find the Best Mini Glass Bottles for Liquor

The mini Skull whiskey decanter bottle is sturdy and durable, and its artistic and creative skull shape brings unique visual enjoyment. The three-dimensional shape of the creative skull reflects every detail, and the clear texture sets off the terrifying atmosphere. The terrifyingly lifelike teeth revealed a slight chill. The mini skull glass wine bottle adopts a thickened bottom design, and the bottle mouth can be equipped with a screw cap and T-shaped stopper.

The mini skull glass bottles for liquor are perfect for red wine, vodka, whiskey, liquor and soft drinks. The quality of the glass skull bottle itself is impressive, sturdy and well-made, making it a great display piece. It has a unique and eye-catching design that makes a unique gift, especially a Halloween gift.

Unique Mini Glass Bottles for Liquor

Find the Best Mini Glass Bottles for Liquor

We have other unique styles of mini glass wine bottles, such as gourd-shaped and heart-shaped. Most glass liquor bottles are transparent, allowing consumers to see what’s inside, making them more willing to purchase the product. Unique glass bottles can add more value to liquor products. We can also customize the color of the mini glass bottles for liquor.

Glass bottles have a more stable chemical structure than plastic bottles. This structure provides the whiskey with adequate protection against possible leaching of oxygen and carbon dioxide, thus preventing contamination and flavor changes.


Taibo Glass manufactures and wholesales glass alcohol bottles of various capacities, and we also offer compatible caps, including screw caps and corks. Glass alcohol bottles can use a variety of lids and closures to package whiskey, adding to the high-end impression of the product.


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