Find the Best Glass Bottles For Vodka Packaging

Glass Vodka Bottles

Vodka is a pure spirit obtained through distillation technology. Our transparent glass bottles for vodka can display their characteristics and make consumers feel pure, clean, and confident. Vodka is a very stable distilled spirit, so it can be stored for a long time.

Vodka is the clearest alcoholic beverage. But this clarity is not innate, it is the result of its unique evolution. The development direction of other alcoholic beverages is to diversify tastes and find optimal storage conditions and ideal bottles. Unlike whiskey, vodka strives for clarity and refinement.

Find the Best Glass Bottles For Vodka Packaging

We have a variety of glass bottles for vodka. They are made of high-quality lead-free thick glass, non-slip, and stable to stand. The classic T-top synthetic cork ensures a good seal, making these glass bottles leak-proof.

Vodka is a very stable distilled spirit and therefore can be stored for a long time. If the vodka has never been opened, it can theoretically be stored indefinitely.

For example: If vodka was packed in a glass bottle in 1980 and opened for drinking in 2019, it should taste almost the same as when it was opened in 1980.

Once the vodka glass bottle is opened, the evaporation process begins to accelerate. Of course, this doesn’t mean the liquid will evaporate within years. This means that vodka will gradually lose its flavor, and after 10 or 20 years, it won’t taste as good as when it was first opened.

Best Glass Bottles For Vodka

Concave Bottom Glass Bottles

Find the Best Glass Bottles For Vodka Packaging

This premium glass wine bottle is made from clear thick glass and a leak-proof T-top wooden lid that creates an airtight environment to keep the contents clean and tidy.

The glass bottle with lid is designed with a thick groove bottom, which is durable and not easy to break. And it’s dishwasher and freezer safe.

We have these glass bottles for vodka in various capacities, 100ml, 250ml, 375ml, 500ml, and 750ml. They are versatile and perfect glass bottles for vodka, whiskey, wine, juices, drinks, sodas and more.

Flat Bottom Vodka Glass Bottles

Find the Best Glass Bottles For Vodka Packaging

Designed with a non-slip bottom, this glass wine bottle is sturdy and durable and will not easily tip over or break.

Glass vodka bottles with stoppers are extremely leak-proof and can be stored with confidence. We can make them stand stably on a table or shelf.

We have various specifications of vodka glass bottles in 200ml, 375ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml. Each glass bottle comes with a T-top, to ensure a good seal and keep the vodka tasting fresh longer.

Glass Skull Bottle Vodka

Find the Best Glass Bottles For Vodka Packaging

This skull wine bottle is a creative decanter. The skull vodka bottle has a smooth mouth, clear skull texture on the bottle body, and scary and realistic teeth.

These crystal head vodka glasses seem to reveal the slightest bit of chill, creating a mysterious atmosphere.

We offer wholesale skull glass bottles for Vodka in 120ml, 200ml, 400ml, and 750ml. The skull-shaped wine bottle design is not only artistic, but also a dazzling presence in the wine cabinet. The skull glass bottle paired with the filled vodka is full of mystery.

Find the Best Glass Bottles For Vodka Packaging

Decorate your glass wine bottles with a custom label, perfect for branding sales or bar use. Colorful bottles attract customers and can also be used as a brand logo. Personalized glass bottles for vodka can stand out on crowded shelves and bring a sense of exclusivity. We can provide customized services and perform deep processing on glass wine bottles, such as spraying, silk screen printing, hot stamping, frosting, etc.

How to Store Vodka Glass Bottles

Find the Best Glass Bottles For Vodka Packaging

To maintain the quality of vodka for as long as possible, vodka glass bottles should be kept in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and heat sources. Glass bottles for vodka should be kept upright to prevent leaks.

Although storage of spirits at room temperature after opening has little effect on the wine, the temperature is relatively low and the wine will change more slowly. Vodka can also be stored frozen, because strong spirits like vodka will not freeze even if placed in the freezer layer of the refrigerator.

Usually, the packaging of spirits is suitable for repeated opening. Therefore, it is not difficult to seal well again. Be sure to confirm the sealing before storage. Once the glass vodka bottle is opened, it should be tightly sealed with the cap before returning it to the cabinet.


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