6 Reasons to Choose Food Glass Packaging

Food Glass Packaging

Glass bottles and jars are among the safest types of food packaging materials. Food glass packaging is the safest for human health, because no hazardous substances have been detected leaking from the glass into the food.

Why Choose Food Glass Packaging?

1. Long service life

6 Reasons to Choose Food Glass PackagingThe long life of glass bottles is first of all due to the particularity of its material. Glass is an amorphous solid material with a tightly arranged molecular structure, no pores, and is not easily eroded by external factors. Compared with metal containers, glass bottles do not rust and are not affected by oxidation, so they can maintain their original appearance and functionality for a long time.

Glass food packaging bottles have a certain mechanical strength, and can withstand the pressure inside the bottle and the external force during transportation.

2. Stable chemical properties

6 Reasons to Choose Food Glass Packaging

Glass food packaging bottles are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. The internal molecular structure of the glass bottle melted at high temperature is stronger, making it remain stable in high temperature environments. This feature makes the glass bottles and jars ideal containers for storing high-temperature foods or liquids, such as glass oil bottles, glass honey jars, etc.

At the same time, glass bottles can resist the erosion of many chemical substances, such as acid and alkali solutions. Glass bottles have good acid corrosion resistance, and are suitable for packaging acidic substances, such as glass beverage bottles.

Food glass packaging bottles have good barrier properties, which can prevent oxygen and other gases from invading the contents, and can also prevent the volatile components of the contents from evaporating into the atmosphere.

3. Recyclable

Glass bottles will not show significant degradation after being recycled many times. Recycled glass bottles can be reused after professional cleaning. This is an important driving force for the sustainable development of glass packaging, particularly in a world with increasing environmental awareness.

4. Rich raw materials

6 Reasons to Choose Food Glass Packaging

The raw materials of glass bottles are widely distributed and cheap. Glass bottles and jars are made of quartz stone (SiO2), soda ash (Na2CO3), limestone (CaCO3), feldspar (potassium feldspar, albite, anorthite, etc.) and broken glass as the main raw materials. They are solid amorphous substances formed by melting and solidifying in a high-temperature furnace (about 1600°C).

Commonly used glass food packaging containers are mostly made of soda-lime glass. Soda-lime glass is mainly composed of silica, sodium oxide, calcium oxide, etc.

5. Beautiful appearance

6 Reasons to Choose Food Glass PackagingThe glass bottles have beautiful shapes and colorful decorations, and can easily change color and transparency. According to the classification of geometric shapes, glass food packaging containers can be divided into round glass bottles, square glass bottles, curved glass bottles, and oval glass bottles.

Glass bottles and jars come in many different colors, and the 5 most commonly used colors in food glass packaging are amber glass, blue glass, green glass, frosted glass, and clear glass bottles.

Amber or dark-colored glass is the best choice for absorbing and blocking UV radiation. They are often used to protect products that are prone to deterioration when exposed to light. Frosted glass bottles can easily enhance the texture of the product to create a luxurious aesthetic that cannot be achieved with colored glass. Clear glass bottles provide great product display and are suitable for products such as juice, cold brew coffee, iced tea or salsa.

6. Suitable for automatic production lines

6 Reasons to Choose Food Glass Packaging

Glass bottles are suitable for the production of automatic filling production lines. Using glass bottles to package beverages has certain production advantages. The filling equipment can slowly and smoothly put the wine into the glass bottle, maintaining the quality of the beer.

Our glass wine bottles are matched with filling machines, and the output is very efficient. One filling machine can fill 30,000 to 40,000 bottles of beer per hour.


In food packaging, glass is mainly made into glass bottles jars, and other products. Because glass bottles and jars can meet the purity and hygiene requirements of food and beverages, they have good chemical stability. The food glass packaging bottles are airtight, easy to seal, flexible, and recyclable. Glass bottles for food packaging have a series of advantages such as a beautiful appearance, rich raw materials, and low price. Glass bottles and jars are widely used as packaging materials in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. 


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