Tiabo Glass offers wholesale empty glass wine bottles packaging in different shapes and sizes, our empty wine bottles bulk are available in different capacities 200ml, 375mL, 500mL, 750mL and 1L. We can customize glass bottle in terms of its shape, appearance options, colors and designs. Custom glass wine bottles enhance brand identity and help communicate messages to consumers. Customized glass bottles packaging will help these brands stand out from their competitors.

Wine Glass Bottles Packaging

Glass wine bottle packaging currently has the largest market share in wine bottle packaging. Colored glass wine bottles are unique and have a good sense of texture, and are favored by the market. The material of the glass wine bottle is stable, and the long-term airtight storage has a good protective effect. The development trend of personalized customization of glass wine bottle packaging is also significant.

Wine bottled in glass looks relatively high-end, and the high-end of glass wine bottle comes from its visual impact and texture. Compared with other packaging materials, glass bottles are more textured and heavy, which can bring people’s hearts closer to the high-end of the product to a certain extent.

Empty Glass Wine Bottles
Empty Glass Wine Bottles

Glass Wine Bottles Packaging Advantages

  • Empty glass wine bottles have the advantages of good chemical stability, easy sealing, high transparency and smooth surface.
  • Empty glass wine bottles have high storage performance, are convenient for disinfection and sterilization, and are beautiful in shape and colorful in decoration.
  • The glass wine bottle packaging has a certain mechanical strength, which can withstand the pressure inside the bottle and the external force during transportation.
  • Empty glass wine bottles are also safe and hygienic, have good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and are suitable for liquor packaging.
  • Glass wine bottles packaging have good sealing and barrier properties, and have a good effect on avoiding the unique volatility of alcohol.
  • While preventing alcohol volatilization, it can also prevent air from eroding alcohol products and preventing wine from deteriorating, to extend its storage time.
Empty Glass Wine Bottles
Empty Glass Wine Bottles

Empty Glass Wine Bottles Manufacturer

Taibo Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass wine bottles for sale in different colors, such as Amber, Green, Black, Blue, and Clear. Taibo Glass Factory is located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. We design 3D drawing for bottle and cap, then physical samples after 3D mold,according to client’s idea and physical samples.

The patterns of glass wine bottles all mark the history of wine. It is not only beautiful and transparent, but also can withstand high temperatures, that is, it will not melt or deform in high-temperature environments. The surface is smooth and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to change color.

Frosted Glass Wine Bottles Wholesale

Empty Glass Wine Bottles
Empty Glass Wine Bottles

Frosted glass bottles are very popular in food packaging. The frosted glass bottle has more texture and makes the wine look more high-end.

Frosted Glass Wine Bottles Advantages

Wine in glass bottles is particularly sensitive to temperature. Frosted glass wine bottles can quickly improve product grades, and can effectively prevent light from entering, avoiding the reaction of light to wine to the greatest extent. The frosted glass wine bottle can better guarantee the quality of the wine and relatively extend the shelf life of the wine.

Frosted empty glass wine bottles are treated on the surface of glass bottles to form a hazy, noble and elegant visual effect. The handle of frosted wine bottles is more delicate and smooth than ordinary glass bottles. Compared with other packaging types, frosted wine bottles have unique advantages in terms of practicability and production process.

In terms of effect, the frosted wine bottle is different from the gorgeous and bright roasted flowers. It is like a thin layer of mist covering the surface of the bottle. It can instantly make people feel a kind of fresh and refined, elegant and pure tranquility.


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