Glass Food Storage Canisters Vs Plastic Storage Jars

Glass Food Storage Canisters

Food storage cans are an important part of preserving food products to prevent them from being damaged during storage and to ensure their freshness. Good food cans can not only ensure the hygiene and safety of food. More importantly, they can attract attention and stimulate people’s desire to buy. The exquisiteness of the packaging also determines the sales of the product. Traditional packaging materials are mainly glass jars, plastic jars, metal cans, paper boxes, composite materials, etc. We will introduce the two materials that currently account for the highest proportion in the market: glass food storage canisters and plastic storage jars.

Glass Food Storage Canisters Vs Plastic Storage Jars

Glass Food Storage Canisters

Glass is an ancient packaging material. Many people choose glass food storage canisters to store food. After this kind of jar is filled with food, it can be 100% sealed, completely isolated from water and air, and keep the food fresh for a long time. It has excellent chemical stability, can meet the purity and hygiene requirements of food packaging, and has flexible and beautiful shapes, which have unparalleled advantages over other materials. Put the processed food into the can to isolate the food from external pollution and prevent food from spoiling and corruption.

1) Advantages Of Glass Jars

Glass Food Storage Canisters Vs Plastic Storage Jars

Glass is widely known as a food packaging material. Its advantages are non-toxic and tasteless, have good chemical stability, strong sealing, easy to clean, and high-temperature resistance, etc. Glass food storage canisters will not absorb the taste of food and keep the original flavor of food. Glass jars can be reused for a long time and many times, so they are more economical. Glass containers are suitable for storing various foods and liquids. There is no need to worry about chemical reactions producing harmful substances. Foods with high requirements for sealing must be completely isolated from the air for storage, and a glass jar with good sealing is essential.

2) Defects Of Glass Jars

The shortcomings of glass jars have led to certain restrictions on the application of glass jars in canned foods. For example, the mechanical properties of glass food storage canisters are poor and easy to break. The high transparency of glass is not good for some foods. They are prone to chemical reactions when exposed to light. Then toxic substances after deterioration. However, the substances in glass packaging containers are relatively simple, mainly lead, arsenic, and antimony, and usually the amount of migration into food is low, which is less harmful to humans. In addition, the weight of glass containers requires a large transportation cost.

3) Common Glass Food Storage Canisters

Glass Food Storage Canisters Vs Plastic Storage Jars

The glass food storage canisters are often used to hold various foods. For example, honey, jam, nuts, spices, beverages, wine, and other solid or liquid foods. The well-known brand Heinz Ketchup provides safe and healthy glass bottles, which helps reduce pollution. Nestle coffee is more often stored in glass jars because this material is more suitable for storing the aroma of coffee. British Tishu Honey is a honey brand favored by the British royal family. The quality of its honey is evident, and its nutritional value and taste are superior. They use exquisite glass jars to preserve the freshness of honey. And the outer packaging is very courtly and royal, which is also a good choice for gifts.

Plastic Storage Jars

Plastic packaging materials are widely used in the food industry. Plastic storage jars are mainly made of polypropylene and added with various organic solvents. It widely uses PET, PE, and PP as raw materials, and adds corresponding organic solvents. After high-temperature heating, plastic containers are used in mold blow molding, extrusion blow molding, or injection molding.

1) Advantages Of Plastic Storage Jars

Glass Food Storage Canisters Vs Plastic Storage Jars

Plastic is a high molecular polymer, which is composed of high molecular resin and various additives. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, convenient for transportation, is lightweight, easy to process, good protection for food, etc. Plastic storage jars have the characteristics of a gas barrier, moisture barrier, oil barrier, etc. Generally, they have good corrosion resistance to common chemicals such as acids and alkalis. It is light, cheap, and easy to carry with you. In the process of making various containers, it has good processing adaptability.

2) Defects Of Plastic

Plastic as a packaging material also has many disadvantages and shortcomings. It is not as strong as steel, and its heat resistance is not as good as glass. It is easy to age under the long-term action of external factors. Some plastics have odors, waste is difficult to handle, and it causes harm to the environment. Its heat resistance is poor, which will not only cause deformation of plastic storage jars but also release harmful substances. Never put steaming hot food directly into it, let alone heat it in a microwave oven. Plastics are prone to produce toxic chemicals, which may penetrate the food or liquid we store, posing a potential threat to our health.

3) Commonly Used Plastic Containers

Glass Food Storage Canisters Vs Plastic Storage Jars

Coca-Cola’s classic packaging uses not only glass bottles but also plastic bottles. It is popular all over the world. The earliest cola produced was in glass bottles. The main component is silicon dioxide, which is very stable in chemical properties and will hardly react with the substances contained. In addition, the airtightness of glass food storage jars is good, and the carbon dioxide filled in them is not easy to escape.

Plastic jars have outstanding characteristics. On the one hand, they are light and not easy to break. On the other hand, they are not as airtight as cans and glass products. Under high temperatures or direct sunlight, the loss of carbon dioxide will increase significantly. The gas isolation effect is not as good as metal and glass. Therefore, the carbon dioxide in cola in plastic bottles is reduced more and faster. However, plastic bottles are more convenient to carry, without worrying about breaking, not heavy to carry, cheaper, and more convenient to open and close.


Glass Food Storage Canisters Vs Plastic Storage Jars

As a container for food storage, because it is in direct contact with food, the most important factor is whether it can ensure the freshness and health of the food. In addition, packaging is a direct judgment of consumers on product quality. The public impression of glass packaging is that it is safe and healthy, while plastic packaging makes people vaguely worried about health problems.

Convenience is another condition for judgment. Food storage and packaging should bring convenience to users. Plastic can be easily carried without fear of breakage. But glass, as a fragile item, should pay attention to safety. Moreover, glass jars generally have rubber rings or other sealing switches, so there is no need to worry about their sealing function when reused.

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