What Are Swing Bottles? Learn About Its 5 Major Advantages

Swing Bottles
What Are Swing Bottles? Learn About Its 5 Major Advantages

As glass bottles and cans are used more and more widely, lids are widely used as a sealing method in product packaging. The glass swing bottle is sealed by a stopper. The stopper is usually made of porcelain or plastic, equipped with a rubber gasket, and fixed by a set of wires. Thanks to its structural advantages. When the screw cap is tightened, it can generate a relatively large axial force through the bite between the threads. This makes it convenient to achieve a self-locking function and is suitable for products with high sealing requirements.

Broad Definition Of Glass Swing Bottles

Swing bottles are also called flip caps or Quillfeldt stoppers, which are often used to hold beer or carbonated beverages. There are various shapes, including round, square, and flat. It consists of a glass bottle body, a sealing ring, and a lid with a wire. The lid is connected and matched with the container by rotating through its threaded structure. When the system with the wire is flipped down, the bottle can be sealed. Using glass swing bottles can reduce a lot of trouble. The bottle cap is equipped with a replaceable rubber seal, which can be re-sealed after multiple uses. It is special and can open and re-seal the bottle repeatedly without using a bottle opener.

Advantages Of Swing Bottles

What Are Swing Bottles? Learn About Its 5 Major Advantages

The design of swing bottles makes them fast to seal, strong, and durable. Glass can withstand the erosion of beverages or chemical reactions during fermentation. It keeps each drink fresh and fragrant and reaches the best drinking state. The sealing function is powerful and can continue to seal after repeated use. The environmentally friendly material is beautiful . Glass screw-on bottles are popular for their eye-catching appearance and strong functionality.

1) Material

It is well known that glass is the safest of all packaging materials. It will not react chemically with the substances in the bottle, and the fermentation process in the bottle will not affect it. The glass bottle itself is strong and durable and can store drinks for a long time. With good sealing, these drinks retain their original flavor. The smooth bottle body is comfortable to touch and easy to clean, and the transparent appearance is easy to observe. Customized swing bottles increase its beauty and uniqueness, and better reflect the brand characteristics. Swing Top Glass Bottles Wholesale is available at a preferential price, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

2) Sealing

What Are Swing Bottles? Learn About Its 5 Major Advantages

Glass is a non-porous material that does not allow outside air to enter the bottle to produce oxidation reactions. The screw cap is firmly closed, and the elasticity of the rubber gasket is tightly pressed on the edge of the jar and the neck of the bottle, there will be no gas circulation. Glass swing bottles are usually thicker and stronger than ordinary bottles, and can withstand a certain amount of pressure when filled. It has a strong self-locking ability and the axial force of the cap is evenly distributed. These special structural designs give it the best sealing. No excess gas will enter the bottle, and the bottle cap will not pollute the quality of the drink inside.

3) Convenience

The bottle cap must be opened based on ensure the seal, and it must be easy to seal and open for the convenience of end consumers. The cap of the glass swing bottle can be closed with one hand when sealing. When using its wonderful design, every seal is perfect. Even if the seal becomes old or worn, replacements can be purchased at a cheap price. Paying attention to the quality of the cap and improving the cost advantage is a matter of great concern to every food manufacturer. It is more convenient to use, and it is undoubtedly easier for companies that want to perform the sealing operation themselves.

4) Customizable

What Are Swing Bottles? Learn About Its 5 Major Advantages

Glass swing bottles have different shapes and capacities. Round, square, flat, amber, transparent… Eye-catching appearance and attractive styles meet various purposes. Choose a more suitable size range according to the purpose. Small bottles are usually used for mini spirits, sauces, etc. Larger sizes are suitable for holding spirits, homemade wine, carbonated drinks, etc. For the range of 60ml to 1 liter, we have a variety of different bottle shapes and capacities and a large number of stocks. Taibo manufacturers provide customized services for appearance, size, logo design, etc.

5) Recyclable

There is no doubt that glass is recyclable and reusable. Unlike other ordinary material bottle caps, glass swing bottles can be opened and closed repeatedly without affecting airtightness. Resealable, reusable, recyclable, sturdy bottle caps are equipped with replaceable rubber seals. Just replace the rubber ring according to the frequency of use, and it will not lose functionality due to wear. It can withstand long-term use and is suitable for storing or brewing drinks. The service life of these bottles reduces the impact of disposable containers on the environment.

Application Of Glass Swing Bottles

As a container with excellent sealing, glass swing bottles have unique appeal and uses. It provides a stable environment for the carbon dioxide in sparkling water and carbonated drinks. With the stable pressure inside the bottle, it ensures that there will be no leakage, which increases their service life. It can also be used as a gift box or retail when holding craft beer or fine wine. It is flexible in size and suitable for drinking or as a gift. No matter what specific use it is. The functionality of glass swing bottles can meet the requirements.

Swing Top Glass Bottles Wholesale

What Are Swing Bottles? Learn About Its 5 Major Advantages

Glass swing bottles are the best packaging for drinks such as sparkling water, carbonated drinks, beer, etc. Use its fast and powerful sealing function to preserve the original freshness of the drink in time. It can easily withstand a variety of drinks, especially home-brewed beer. Using them can shorten your bottling time and is more convenient to use than a bottle capping machine. The simple method of use makes it easy for every consumer to use and deepens the good impression of your product. The eye-catching appearance of glass swing bottles makes brewers and alcohol brands stand out on crowded bar shelves.

Taibo Glass Manufacturer provides you with high-quality glass swing bottles. We take customer satisfaction as our development goal. In recent years, the factory has introduced advanced equipment and manufactured a large number of glass swing-top bottles wholesale all over the world. Our sufficient inventory guarantees timely delivery for you. If you have more requirements for details, customized products provide changes in size, appearance, and logo. With our many years of production experience, we can help you get more valuable products.


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