Glass Jars’ 8 Useful Ways

Glass Jars

Compared with plastic, glass is safer, heat-resistant, easy to clean, and suitable for repeated use; glass has strong sealing properties and does not deform, making it easy to store various things. The uses of glass jars are endless. Here I have summarized 8 tips for using glass jars!

Glass Jars’ 8 Useful Ways

1. Pickle Food in Glass Jars

When glass jars of major brands were born, they were used to store food. For pickling pickles, pickling cucumbers, pickling tomatoes in oil, soaking plum wine, and making various sauces, the sealing properties of glass jars can keep the flavor of the food intact. Large-capacity glass jars can not only store more food, but the transparency of the glass allows the remaining amount of food to be seen at a glance, helping us to renew ingredients evenly.

Endless fruits can not only be used for pickling but can also be made into jam.

2. Store Dry Food in Glass Jars

If you don’t want your cupboards to be cluttered with plastic bags, put all your grains, spices, and coffee beans into glass jars! Neatly arranged glass jars keep the cabinets clean and orderly, while transparent bottles make it easier to find the ingredients you want first. Label each glass jar to make it easier to replace expired items promptly.

If you’re worried about buying too many spices or coffee beans, you can buy them in glass jars. This not only saves money but also contributes to environmental protection.

Glass Jars’ 8 Useful Ways

3. Pack Drinks

Glass Jars’ 8 Useful Ways

Glass jars are easy to clean and leave no flavor residue, making them perfect for storing a variety of beverages, especially iced ones. In the hot summer, bring a glass jar to the store to buy a cup of iced coffee, milk tea, and juice, which will be refreshing. At some party where only disposable cups are served, whip out your glass jars and you’ll be the coolest person in the whole place.

At this time, the glass mason jars will become your summer assistant. We provide glass jars from 100ml to 1000ml for you to choose from. If you’re a coffee lover, opt for espresso liquid in mini mason jars. Large-capacity mason glasses are a good choice for cold drinks or fruit tea.

4. Pack salad

The famous Mason Jar Salad comes in a glass jar! Using salads in glass jars allows you to see a wide variety of colorful ingredients at a glance, which is particularly pleasing to the eye. To make a beautiful jar salad, you need to put the dressing, hard foods (such as beans and cucumbers), soft foods (such as tomatoes), and green leafy vegetables in the order of order.

By the way, the Mason Jars With Scale can help you make delicious salads and yogurt fruit jars in better proportions.

5. Preserve fresh vegetables

Many people like to wash the fruits and vegetables they bring home and put them in fresh-keeping bags. But you can use glass jars instead of Ziploc bags. Wash the carrots, cucumbers, and celery, cut them into appropriate sizes, and put them in a jar. You can pour it out and use it directly next time you cook. Cilantro and mint, which wilt easily, can also be “grown” in jars with water.

Glass Jars’ 8 Useful Ways

6. Pack leftovers

I accidentally ordered too much at a restaurant but didn’t bring a lunch box. Don’t worry about packing it in the glass jar you carry with you! When you get home and put it in the refrigerator, you can see the food in the jar at a glance every time you open the refrigerator door, reminding yourself to eat it as soon as possible and not to waste it.

7. Pack cleaning supplies

If you like to try some DIY at home, use coconut oil and baking soda to make toothpaste, use coconut oil and coffee grounds to make the scrub, use white vinegar to make detergent, etc., then using a wide-mouth glass jar is perfect. In addition, you can also put a jar on the makeup table to store eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, and makeup brushes.

8. Home Decoration

Glass Jars’ 8 Useful Ways

Fill the glass jar with soil to plant succulents, fill it with water to plant pothos, insert a bouquet as a vase, and put in a lamp made of candles to emit a romantic and warm glow at night. Or put the glass jar on the table or window as a photo prop to create a different atmosphere.

Collect small glass bottles and hang them on a string by the door. A simple wind chime is ready.


Different glass jars are suitable for storing and preserving different foods. Food storage jars with lids ensure the quality and safety of food and extend its shelf life. Mason glass jars are widely used for drinking coffee due to their many advantages. Mini glass jars are very convenient for holding condiments when going out for picnics. Glass containers are transparent and beautiful, and you can directly see the color and shape of the contents. They are a good choice for storing small items.


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