Mini Glass Jars’ 9 Use Ways

mini glass jars

In the last issue, we talked about 8 ways to rationally use glass jars. In this issue, we continue to share about ways to turn waste into treasure. Glass jars can be seen everywhere in our lives and are a good helper for our kitchen storage. Large glass jars can hold cereals, medium glass jars can hold drinks and coffee, and small glass jars can hold honey and jam. So what can mini glass jars be used for? Don’t throw away the extra mini glass jars at home. Here are 9 ways to use mini glass jars.

Mini Glass Jars’ 9 Use Ways

Here are several types of mini glass bottles as examples, including 2 ml and 1 ml cork-stoppered glass bottles, as well as a 1 ml slim version of the trial-size glass bottle. Because these mini glass jars are too small, they cannot be used as vases, chandeliers, daily storage jars, or pen holders. So, what can they do with such small mini-glass jars?

1. Mini glass jars to make essential oil necklaces

The classic sweater chain, don’t you think it’s pretty good? Drop an appropriate amount of your favorite essential oil into a mini glass bottle, plug it with a cork, and simply tie it with a thin chain. It looks great with various sweaters and shirts! If you like, you can pair it with a dress, sweatshirt or T-shirt.

The aroma of the essential oil will slowly emit through the cork, and you can inhale it at any time, allowing the fragrance of the essential oil to reach the depths of your soul, relieving stress, soothing your emotions, and making you feel happy. It is a beautiful and special necklace.

2. Mini glass jars for essential oil bracelets

With essential oil necklaces, essential oil bracelets must also be recommended. Here, a string of white crystals is used with a mini glass bottle, which contains my favorite rose essential oil. The small golden bottle is golden and sparkling in the sun, very beautiful.

The aroma of essential oils is also very good. Friends who are too lazy to wear perfume but like a strong fragrance can consider it. Not only practical but also beautiful and versatile, adding a little different element to your outfit. Paired with accessories, you will be the next fashionista to set off a trend.

3. Mini glass jar with keychain

A bunch of simple keychains paired with a small bottle will instantly make your look look special and interesting. The mini essential oil glass jar is matched here. In addition, you can also match it with bead glass jars, wish bottle glass jars, and perfume glass jars. As long as the glass jar will fit, you can fill it with your favorite items to show your friends your taste.

4. Make essential oil diffuser bottles

If you want to use the mini glass jar as a diffuser, it is recommended to add single essential oils such as tea tree or lavender to the small jar and place it in the closet to remove odors and prevent insects. When you open your closet to pick out clothes in the morning, smelling the scent of essential oils will put you in a good mood for the day.

In addition to wardrobes, essential oil diffusers can also be placed on bookcases and bathrooms. In a small and closed space, essential oils will evaporate slowly, emitting a light and unique scent.

Mini Glass Jars’ 9 Use Ways

5. Mini glass jars to make wind chimes

Mini glass jars are very suitable for making beautiful wind chimes. You can fill the glass jars with liquids of various colors, tie them with thin ribbons or hemp ropes, and fix the upper end on a ring or square grid. You can also Tie to a chandelier or a multi-clip clothes hanger.

When the breeze blows, the bell at the door sounds clear and sweet. The wind chime is your musical instrument, and the breeze plays music for you. What a beautiful scene it would be!

6. Making hydroponic plant decorative curtains

Mini Glass Jars’ 9 Use Ways

Tie a string of mini glass jars on a thin hemp rope to make a beautiful door curtain or curtain. Open the bottle mouth, fill it with a little water, then go to the garden and cut some small green plants, insert the small bottle mouth, beautiful And the special decorative curtain is ready.

The green decorative curtain separates the two worlds inside and outside. It seems that the outside world is far away, but it is close before your eyes and makes people yearn for it.

7. Mini glass jars for micro landscape

Who said mini glass jars are too small for micro-landscapes? It can too!

Whether it is soil, water, air, or growing flowers, grass, or insects, mini glass jars are the best choice.

8. Give your mini pet a home

Maybe you have such mini models, cartoon dolls, and small figures? Have you ever thought about giving it a home?
Small, just like that, simple, only belongs to you.

9. Mini glass jars DIY lava bottle

Water, oil, and paint. Isn’t it cute to create a strange lava effect caused by water and oil being insoluble?
DIY such a mini bottle can also be used to make necklaces and bracelets. It is also super beautiful to make strings of colorful wind chimes!


There are so many clever uses for mini mason jars. For example, you can attach a small magnet to the bottle to make a refrigerator magnet, create a micro-landscape, or fill it with beautiful colors. You can put some beautiful little pearls or small ribbons and small notes, which can be used as drift bottles to let your wishes float far away. You can also add water directly and insert green plants to add a special color to the refrigerator.

Mini Glass Jars’ 9 Use Ways

Small bottle, big world. Say it’s small, it’s small. It is said to be big and can accommodate the whole world. Nothing is impossible, only unimaginable.
I’ll give you a mini glass bottle like this.
Give you a chance to innovate bravely and take action
Give you a personal show that inspires passion and creativity…
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