How to Choose Best Olive Oil Bottle Packaging

Olive Oil Bottle Packaging

Olive oil needs to be filled into a certain container before consumers can use it. Depending on the variety and grade, olive oil is packaged in glass bottles, metal and plastic containers. Olive oil bottle packaging containers need to meet the protection function in every link from warehousing, transportation, and distribution, to final sales and user consumption.

Different olive oil bottle packaging is designed according to the needs of different occasions in restaurants and families. Considering the daily consumption of the product purchased by the customer, the principle is that it must be consumed within the safe storage date range of the consumer. For extra virgin olive oil, it is required that it must be stored in safe storage conditions during the store sales process, and olive oil packaging should be set according to consumer needs.

Requirements for Olive Oil Bottle Packaging

How to Choose Best Olive Oil Bottle Packaging

When choosing olive oil bottle packaging materials, we mainly consider factors such as light and oxygen protection, recycling and reuse, and production costs. The basic requirements for olive oil packaging are as follows:

Good Protective Effect

First, prevent contamination from the environment, especially moisture, oxygen, odor, smoke, dust, microorganisms, and other substances.
Second, prevent contaminants from coming into direct contact with the olive oil, such as solvents, additive monomers and degradation products.
Third, avoid light to prevent accelerated photo-oxidation.
Finally, olive oil containers must be strong and durable to effectively ensure the transportation and distribution process.

Olive Oil Bottle Convenient

The olive oil bottle packaging should be easy to use, easy to open and close, and should not drip when pouring the oil. Olive oil containers come in a variety of sizes to meet consumer needs.

How to Choose Best Olive Oil Bottle Packaging

Sustainable Development

The sustainable development of olive oil bottle packaging mainly refers to the possible adverse effects of packaging on the environment. The impact of food packaging materials on environmental protection involves reducing the amount of packaging waste and recycling old packaging materials.

Packaging Cost

Olive oil packaging is mostly used for filling in production line filling machines. The production cost of olive oil containers is a very important part of the production process. Packaging affects the sales of olive oil. Containers with unique brands and logos are helpful for customers to choose first.

Metal Containers VS Plastic Bottles

Metal containers are light in weight, have good mechanical strength, and can block light and oxygen. Although metal containers can be recycled, corrosion of the internal coating limits their reuse.

Plastic bottles are a relatively new material for packaging cooking oils, but are rarely used for extra virgin olive oil. The light transparency of plastic containers has become a weakness of using them as olive oil packaging containers.

As an olive oil container, glass bottles have certain requirements for temperature control in storage, transportation, and commercial circulation. From an environmental perspective, glass bottles can be recycled and reprocessed, making glass containers an almost ideal material.

How to Choose Best Olive Oil Bottle Packaging

Olive Oil Glass Bottles

Glass olive oil bottles come in a variety of sizes, preserving the natural qualities of olive oil and making it easier for consumers to choose. Olive oil glass bottles have airtight screw caps that include anti-gushing and tamper-evident devices. Glass bottles are recyclable and sustainable to meet consumer demand.

People are often concerned about the size, weight, and shape of olive oil bottle packaging. In fact, for each person consuming 10-20ml of olive oil products per day, they are sold in retail outlets or supermarkets. The olive oil bottle packaging size is completely different from that used in the hotel and catering industry.

Custom Olive Oil Bottle Manufacturer

How to Choose Best Olive Oil Bottle Packaging

Taibo Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we produce wholesale round glass bottles and square olive oil bottles. Glass bottles are good for keeping the original taste of the condiments. The square glass bottles have a modern and stylish look and are easy to store and stack. Round glass bottles come in a variety of sizes, large enough to store a variety of liquids.

The capacities of glass olive oil bottles are available from 100ml to 1L. We can customize the shape, sizes, colors, finishes, and accessories of glass bottles according to customers’ needs.

We can also customize logos, labels, or embossing for olive oil bottles, transforming branding and design concepts into visually appealing glass bottle packaging. We also provide shrink caps, which can lock metal bottle caps to better isolate oxygen and effectively ensure the quality of olive oil.


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