Why Choose Glass Milk Bottles Packaging

Glass Milk Bottles

In the beginning, because fresh milk is highly perishable, for a long time, milk could only be squeezed and drunk. It cannot be stored and transported, and what cannot be drunk can only be thrown away as it deteriorates. The original milk sales took the form of being squeezed and sold in bulk. Sellers scooped the milk from buckets, and buyers carried the milk in jugs, buckets, and other assorted containers. This neither ensures hygiene nor is convenient to carry. With the development of the glass industry, new packaging methods – Glass Milk Bottles have emerged.

Why Choose Glass Milk Bottles Packaging

Debut Of Glass Milk Bottles

1) Prerequisites

After the pasteurization process was popularized in the milk industry in the 19th century, milk was refrigerated at a temperature of about 4°C, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria in milk. The shelf life of milk can be extended by dozens of hours or even 5-7 days. The chains of technology are interlocked and promote each other, providing convenience for the storage of milk and its entry into the market as a commodity.

Why Choose Glass Milk Bottles Packaging

2) Emergence Of Glass Milk Bottles

After exploration, in 1884, Henry Thatcher applied for the first glass milk bottle patent in the United States. He pressed the wax paper into the grooves of the glass bottle to isolate the milk from the air. This convenient but not simple invention became an industrial standard product in 1889 and spread to many countries. In countries in Europe and America, until the 1950s, milkmen still used this kind of glass bottle to deliver milk from door to door early in the morning.

3) Status Of Glass Milk Bottles

The glass bottle material is environmentally friendly, transparent, solid, colorless, and odorless. It is recyclable and easy to clean, and can best maintain the pure flavor of the product. Therefore, Glass Milk Bottles have become universally recognized as the best packaging material for fresh milk.

Advantages Of Glass Bottles

1)Stable Properties

The composition of glass products is silica. Glass Milk Bottles have good chemical stability, and pressure resistance, and can withstand high and low temperatures. Store milk in glass bottles, there is no chemical reaction between the milk and the container. This can ensure the stability of the ingredients of the milk, and better retain some of the nutrients in the milk. Ensure the nutrition and original taste of the milk. Glass bottles have high corrosion resistance, ensuring the safety and quality of milk. The glass bottle’s airtightness ensures the milk’s purity and does not volatilize the milk, and there is no need to worry about penetration.

2)Maintain ambient temperature

Just like a thermos jug can maintain the temperature, in hot water for a long time. Glass Milk Bottles stored in ice water can also keep a low temperature. Pasteurized fresh milk needs to maintain a good low-temperature environment during transportation and storage, and glass bottles can meet this demand. After a material like glass is refrigerated, the temperature changes more slowly than other containers such as plastic bottles and cartons. It can better provide a low-temperature storage environment for milk and better lock in nutrients.

3)Transparent and beautiful

The most difficult advantages of Glass Milk Bottles to be surpassed by other materials are high transparency and smooth surface. Compared with other packaging materials, you can see the milk quality, color, and condition at a glance. Fresh milk is poured into the clear bottle and sways slightly. The first thing that catches the eye is the clear, milky-white liquid. The rich texture is visible and feels extremely fresh. Or the thick yogurt, passing through the transparent bottle, exudes the mellow flavor and stimulates your taste. The concise but not simple packaging brings us a natural visual enjoyment.

4)Health And Safety

First of all, glass bottles contain no harmful substances. They are safe and hygienic. Glass milk bottles are also resistant to high temperatures and do not produce ingredients that are harmful to health. They can be sterilized by boiling. Glass baby bottles are also easy to clean and less likely to adhere to dirt.

5)Environmentally friendly

Why Choose Glass Milk Bottles Packaging

Glass is mainly made from silica, a natural resource. By recycling and utilizing waste glass, there are not only economic benefits but also significant environmental benefits. Glass Milk Bottles can be reused through recycling, cleaning, disinfection, and other processes, that are green and environmentally friendly. It can be recycled safely and orderly, greatly reducing resource consumption. The recycling of glass bottles increases the reuse rate of social resources.

Safety Guarantee For Recycling Bottles

Although recycling glass bottles is environmentally friendly, the priority must be to ensure health and safety. Once we understand the recycling process of baby bottles, we have more trust in the use of Glass Milk Bottles. After the recycled milk bottles are cleaned and disinfected through the following step. Then enter the production and filling workshop via a conveyor belt. The advanced bottle-cleaning technology used in the processing plant ensures that every bottle is safe and reliable. Consumers can drink it with confidence.

1. Preparation

The first step is to pre-clean. Remove labels, milk caps, straws, leftover milk, and other debris from recycled Glass Milk Bottles. The second step is screening. Cracked, damaged, and old bottles are removed and sorted by variety.

2. Cleaning

First, perform pre-cleaning. After pouring water into the glass bottle and soaking it, use a brush to clean the inside of the glass bottle soaked in water. Then perform alkali cleaning. Soak in an alkaline water tank for 2 hours and wash once with a brush. Then clean the inside and outside of the bottle twice with high-temperature caustic soda solution. Finally, rinse with water. With the mouth of the bottle facing down, rinse the bottle twice with clean water and three times with purified water.

3. Disinfection

Rinse twice with disinfectant and rinse twice with sterile water. Ensure these glass milk bottles meet safe and hygienic standards.

4. Detection

Finally, high-speed scanning is used. To detect and reject unqualified glass bottles after cleaning. Conduct a manual inspection again. Use strict standards to remove defective glass bottles to ensure the safety and hygiene of glass bottles. At the same time, samples are taken to detect microorganisms and residual components. Therefore everyone can drink with confidence.

Uniqueness Of Glass Milk Bottles

Through the crystal clear glass bottle, we see the delicious and attractive milk and the persistence in quality behind it. Although there are many types of milk on the market, only products like milk in glass bottles that perfectly combine freshness, nutrition, and health can truly touch the hearts of consumers and become a beautiful memory on everyone’s tongue.

Compared with containers made of other materials, the cost of glass in production and transportation is relatively high. Because of this, loading milk in glass bottles has become one of the effective ways for consumers to identify high-quality products.

Why Choose Glass Milk Bottles Packaging

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Glass milk bottles are beneficial to people in every aspect. First, it protects milk. Milk bottles will rub and collide with each other during transportation, loading, unloading, and production line transmission, resulting in scratches. It may affect the appearance of the milk bottle, but it will not impact the quality of the milk inside the bottle. Secondly, it ensures that no harmful substances will harm the body when we drink it. Even recycled Glass Milk Bottles are very safe and healthy. Finally, environmental protection is important to humans. Although the plastic products we use are very convenient, they are very harmful to the natural environment. Glass products do a great job of being environmentally friendly.


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