Taibo Glass offers empty glass food storage jars with lids wholesale in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round glass jar with lid, square glass storage jars. Our glass storage jars wholesale are available from 1oz to128oz. We also provide lids of different materials for glass jars, such as plastic lids, bamboo lids, cork lids, glass jars, metal lids, etc. The empty glass jars with lids are widely used for packaging food, honey, jam, coffee, spices, chili sauce, pickles, etc. 

In all kinds of food packaging, glass mason jars with lids cannot be replaced by any material, especially pickles. High-end pickle bottles must be vacuum-packed if they want to have a good taste and a long shelf life. Use food additives to extend the shelf life, but it is harmful to the human body.

The most important factor of vacuum packaging is high-temperature cooling to achieve a vacuum effect. The high-temperature cooling of plastic bottles cannot achieve vacuum. Because plastic bottles expand with heat and contract with cold, the bottle will be deformed after high temperatures, and a large amount of plasticizer will be volatilized. This high-temperature vacuum method can only be done with glass bottles or iron products. Because iron products cannot achieve the transparent effect, and the price is relatively expensive. So the most economical packaging is glass bottles and jars.

Taibo Glass food storage jars with lids wholesale have many advantages, high temperature will not produce harmful substances, and will not deform.

Food Storage Jars with Lids
Food Storage Jars with Lids

Advantages of Glass Food Storage Jars with Lids

  • The advantages of glass food storage jars with lids include high transparency, heat and corrosion resistance, health and environmental protection, and reusability.
  • Glass storage jars have excellent transparency to clearly display the contents inside. The glass jar container looks great and is transparent and bright.
  • Glass storage jars have good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, can withstand high temperatures and acid and alkali substances, and will not pollute the stored items. 
  • The glass jar for food storage can withstand high and low temperatures, and the product will not be deformed and smelly during the heating process, nor will it be broken due to temperature changes.
Food Storage Jars with Lids
Food Storage Jars with Lids

Custom Glass Jars Packaging

Taibo Glass is a professional custom glass jar manufacturer, we offer different lids for food storage jars. After delicate crafting, glass jars packaging can be custom into various shapes. We have rich and environmentally friendly post-processing technologies, such as frosting, spraying, silk screen printing, bronzing, etc., which can customize a unique appearance for glass jars. 

Glass jars with lids wholesale are great for storing liquids or dry goods. Glass jars can also be used as storage containers, decorations, vases and more.

Food Storage Jars with Lids
Food Storage Jars with Lids

Glass storage jars packaging do not contain harmful substances, are healthy and environmentally friendly, and are suitable for storing food and beverages, etc. The glass jar for kitchen is a green, non-toxic, odorless, non-leaking material that does not leak harmful substances, does not pollute food and products, and protects the ecological environment.

Glass storage jars bulk can be used repeatedly, have good durability and regeneration, and help reduce waste of resources and environmental pollution. Glass food storage jars with lids are easy to clean and won’t leave behind odors. After strict cleaning and disinfection, it can be used again for storing and packaging food.


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